Family and Divorce

We can help you with our unique approach to family disputes and divorce.


If you have a dispute over children, be it Contact, Residence, Parental Responsibility or anything else, we can help.  We can advise you, fill in forms for you and do the paperwork.  We can also assist you in hearings, acting as your very own personal advisor.  Ultimately, we are guided by you, we are there when you need us, and not when you don't. This means that you will save a lot of money compared to seeking advice from a solicitor.  We have fixed fees for essential things such as form filling, witness statements and hearings. This means you will always know what your costs are as you go along.


We simplify what, for some, can be a most difficult and complicated time.  We understand how challenging the situation can be and we can help take a lot of the stress and heartache out of it.  From simple divorce papers to complex financial arrangements, our trained legal advisors can assist you in finding the best outcome for you.

Emergency Applications

Sometimes you need a resolution very quickly and we are there to help.  We can often assist in cases where the situation has only just arisen and you need a solution fast.  We can make emergency applications for non-molestation orders, specific issues and any other application you need.