If you are unable to pay your debts and would like to declare yourself bankrupt OR if you have had an application made against you to make you bankrupt then call us now to book an appointment.  We can discuss over the phone or even come to meet you at a place of your convenience. 

There are three ways you can become bankrupt:

1.  Declare yourself bankrupt

A solicitor may charge you several thousand pounds to declare yourself bankrupt at a time when you can least afford it.

We can help you fill in the forms and declare yourself bankrupt, thus saving you a lot of money. 

2.  A debtor (someone you owe money to) applies for you to become bankrupt

We can help you understand the application and make a response if possible. 

3. An insolvency practitioner applies to make you bankrupt after a IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement)

We can help you fill out the forms, consider your assets and fully advise you in regards to liability. 

Anyone can get into financial difficulties for any number of different reasons. We will never judge you.