How much do we charge?

Costs of going to court fall into two categories, court costs/fees and legal costs.

The court costs are fixed, although if you are on low income or in receipt of certain benefits we can help you reduce or avoid these completely.  Speak to our advisors for details on how we do this.

Our costs, which are your legal costs, depend on the nature of the work and the time it takes to complete.

As each case is different we cannot say in advance how much full assistance will take but we can make certain promises to you:

Our costs guarantee pledge

  1. 1. We will talk with you about your case for up to half an hour for FREE;
  2. 2. We aim to be at least 50% cheaper than a solicitor or barrister;
  3. 3. We will never do any work before telling you how much it will cost;
  4. 4. We will never send you a bill that you are not expecting;
  5. 5. You can pick and choose which of our services you wish to use (and do other bits yourself to save money);
  6. 6. You can use us for some services whilst already using a solicitor for others; and
  7. 7. If we quote a price and it turns out to be more difficult, or takes longer, we will never charge you more.

Some of our sample standard costs (assuming a simple case) - please ring us for any others:

Legal Letter (for chasing debt, responding to a claim etc) - £40
Divorce Form - £80
Child Arrangements Form - £80
Money Claim Form - £75