Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Wedding nightmares

A client spoke with Azure about a wedding they had arranged.  It was a beautiful day and everything went well until the reception started and the caterers turned up.  The bride's parents had booked food for 150 guests, asking for enough food for seconds should people want any.  They were told that the catering company would provide enough serving staff to handle the event and that the food and experience would be of the highest quality.

What happened was anything but perfect.  There wasn't enough food for all the guests to have first portions, let alone seconds.  The serving staff were too few in number and this meant some of the guests had to help out serving.  To make matters worse, halfway through service, most of the staff left early saying they weren't being paid past that time.  It was a nightmare and it spoiled what should have been a happy day.

The parents contacted us and we assisted them to recover £6,000 of the price paid for the catering.


Case Study 2 - Small Business Worries

A small business contacted Azure to enquire about putting in place some terms and conditions for the work they pass on to subcontractors.  They were particularly worried that the subcontractors may try to deal directly with the client and cut them out.  They also wanted to protect themselves in the event that the subcontractor did poor work and jeopardised the relationship with the client.

Azure put a contract specialist on the case and drafted a concise, yet solid, set of terms and conditions for the company to use when contracting work out.  This gave them a sense of security and they have since thrived providing subcontracted IT support to valuable clients.