About us

All the legal advisors in Azure Lawyer* are qualified lawyers.  This means that in addition to a law degree, they must have completed academic training as a solicitor or barrister.  The changes to legal aid have produced far more lawyers than there are jobs so there is a surplus of brilliant and qualified lawyers. The founding lawyers of Azure Lawyer felt that the access to justice was being restricted by the high pricing and elite nature of solicitors offices and barrister chambers, and that the public were being priced out.  Azure Lawyer was created to match ordinary people with legal problems to high quality lawyers without the extraordinary costs of the old fashioned legal industry.

This leads to a win-win. Our clients receive access to professional legal advice in their time of need for a reasonable price, and our lawyers are able to apply their trade as they had always hoped to.

There are some legal activities that are restricted to registered solicitors and barristers and we are not allowed to participate in them. However, the legal services market is changing rapidly and Azure Lawyer is at the forefront of that move to provide affordable access to justice.


*Azure Lawyer is a division of Azure Legal Limited 09199693.